What our families say about us


My daughter Caitlin has been attending Eatons Hill Kindergarten this year and has absolutely loved every minute, of everyday.  I cannot speak more highly of her teacher, Kim Miller, and her various teacher aides.  Their enthusiasm and energy with the children is wonderful and infectious.  Caitlin wishes she was at kindy every day and will be very well prepared for Prep due to the wonderful program Eatons Hill Kindergarten provides

Tracey H

I have no hesitation in recommending the services and quality of care provided by Eatons Hill Community Kindergarten. We have lined up for both children, because we had heard from others in the community how great it was. Both of my children have attended and are currently attending the 2 day group class. My youngest child loves waking up to find out that it is kindy day and has made a great circle of friends as have I through the parents network and activities we do together. The teachers are fantastic, very knowledgeable and extremely welcoming and provide the children with a safe haven to learn and explore whilst having great fun

Jayne S

We love Eatons Hill Community Kindy. The educators are amazing, the care that they show and the dedication they exhibit to helping the children grow is amazing. We couldn’t have chosen a better start for our children’s education.

Brooke C

I am an early childhood educator myself and the centre, it’s staff, the facilities and materials provided are second to none. Their teaching philosophy fits perfectly within the Early Childhood Ethos and gives our children the best start in their education and for lifelong learning!

Lauren T

We had such a perfect experience when our first child attended. He was well prepared for school not only academically but also emotionally. Could not recommend highly enough. We will be sending all of our kids here without a doubt!

Brendan H

Fantastic educators and a wonderful environment. They care about your child and really get to know them.

Regina R

Amazing kindy, amazing staff ? forever grateful that we got a place for our son here. A beautiful centre that feels so welcoming as soon as you walk in. Highly recommend!

Allirra C